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short film projects: personal work and a selection of short vignettes I shot for the discovery channel, history channel and bio channel

the black hmong, a personal film project shot on an arri 35mm movie camera around sapa, vietnam
nun sansanee, bio channel
traditional 'kon' thai dance costumes
surat suvanich — traditional darkroom printer
oriental hotel, bangkok
robot building, bangkok
elephant building, bangkok
ancient siam
eat, live, muay thai
cambodian classical ballet
hotel le royal, phnom pehn
environmental innovations, japan / cambodia
mount kinabalu, borneo
nek chand's rock garden, india
lightbulb, black hmong tribal house
twinkle twinkle — the VO was wrong on this one so it was taken off the air. Too bad though, we'd shot on 16mm movie film and had managed to fit one verse into exactly 20 secs. shot in a black hmong school near sapa, vietnam in 1998
keith floyd on chilies
bridge on the river kwai
eat, live, sumo
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